Who uses FloorDocs

Flooring Installers
Flooring Retailers
Concrete Moisture Testing Techs
Carpet & Flooring Cleaners

Protect your business—Your hard work testing moisture conditions is lost if you can't prove it on request.

FloorDocs maintains a permanent record of your installations.


Monitor jobs in real time from any mobile device or desktop computer.

Spend less time out in the field troubleshooting, while getting more positive results from your installers or technicians.

Rest easy knowing your installers or technicians are doing the job correctly.

Back up your good work with documentation.

FloorDocs How To

From mobile device
Log in at FloorDocs.com 
Add, or Select the Job-Customer's Name
Click Camera Icon to take pictures
Speak or type optional picture descriptions/notes
Report is built in the background from the pictures
Pictures are Date/Time/Location Stamped
Installer's name is stamped on pictures
FloorDocs saves reports online
Download or email reports

Secure Job Records

Your Images and Job Reports are safe and secure at FloorDocs, always online when you need them. 

FloorDocs guarantees you will never lose your Installation Records. 


FloorDocs Certified JobReports will protect you in the event of a claim.


Protect yourself with FloorDocs & A Cell Phone!