Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I already take pictures with my cell phone or digital camera. Why do I need FloorDocs?

A: FloorDocs is not just about taking pictures; the website verifies the Jobsite  location, date and time, and produces a report without any extra work on your part.  Sure, you can take pictures — but in the event of a complaint or legal issue, would you be able to prove the location, date and time those pictures were taken, and isn’t your time and effort worth more than a dollar?


Q: How do I build a report on FloorDocs?

A: All you do is take the pictures, enter optional descriptions and FloorDocs produces the report. Click a button to preview the report, save it to you computer or email to those you wish.


Q: How can FloorDocs save us money?

A: FloorDocs Job Reports reduce your exposure to claims and litigation when installers/technicians document their jobs. Providing your customers with a Job Report assures them due diligence was performed, greatly reducing your risk of liabilty .


Q: How many pictures can I take?

A: There’s no limit to the number of pictures you can take per job, and pictures can be added to the job to document repairs or complaints.


Q: I don’t have time to enter picture descriptions on the job; can I do it later?

A: Absolutely! Simply login from any computer or mobile device, locate the job and begin your entries.


Q: Where are the pictures stored?

A: Your pictures and Job Reports are stored on our secure serves. They’re available anytime you need them.


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