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About FloorDocs

Your cell phone is now your most powerful tool ! is a unique, one of a kind, online tool offering digital start-to-finish documentation of flooring installation, cleaning, and concrete moisture testing.

Cell phone pictures taken on FloorDocs will document every step of the job with location, date and time. Images generate a Job Report that is updated as images are added.

All you do is take the pictures- FloorDocs does the rest! 

Job Reports include a chronological history of the installation. Pictures can be added to the Job at anytime, and at no additional cost, including callbacks for repair work.

Optional features include picture descriptions entered from a mobile device on the job, or later, from a computer. Private Notes are visible online, but willl not print on the Job Report.

Job Reports can be saved, printed or emailed to anyone you wish, and to as many as you wish.

Anything that can, or should, be documented, can be done on — the only limit is your imagination.

PayPal: $20.00 for 20 Jobs

Watch the Action:

FloorDocs saves time and money for those traveling from job to job to oversee progress or troubleshoot. Jobs can be monitored on FloorDocs from any mobile device or desktop computer — simply select a Job in progress and refresh your screen from time to time to view the latest uploads.



Document Wood Installations with Pictures:

House, landscaping, gutters and grading of property.
Subfloor condition and moisture tests.
Delivery and moisture tests of material and sub-floor.
Moisture tests on installation day.
Flatness tests.
Tools & Supplies being used.

Protect yourself with FloorDocs & A Cell Phone!