Avalon Flooring Testimonial

There is nothing more difficult ...

There is nothing more difficult for a flooring retailer or installer than dealing with a hardwood claim. The amount of information the manufacture requires to just submit a claim can be daunting. For years we have tried different means of recording and tracking moisture readings, acclimation dates and RH readings. Most of the documentation was manual and at times called into question since anyone could just “fill out a form” and write whatever we wanted.

We have recently made the switch to using Floor Docs. The process is simply and straight forward. No longer do we have to hunt or track down paperwork. The program captures all the required data from initial moisture readings through acclimation and the readings of the wood itself. Taking pictures is very simple from any mobile device. The program generates a report that can be emailed to anyone. Everything is time and date stamped. It even lists the approximate location! I highly recommend this program to all hardwood retailers and installers.


I have preached the importance of moisture testing and documenting your results. Now there is a web site that
allows you to do this.

FloorDocs.com is a new online tool offering start-to-finish documentation of Flooring Installation and Concrete
Moisture Testing. You take the Pictures, they document the Job!

FloorDocs.com allows you to take photographs, add notes from your cell phone and upload them to the website
and saves them for future reference if needed.

Tim McAdoo
Installation Specialist
J.J. Haines and Company, Inc.

Manufacturers selling thru traditional channels of wholesale distribution have very limited interaction with installers, typically only after a problem arises. Yet, that installer has as much impact on the success of our flooring as we do, if not more. Installers are faced with a different situation on every job. They must work thru many variables in the process of turning flooring into a floor that performs well and meets the end user’s expectations. Too many installers are good at solving these flooring problems, but often don’t document their work and the conditions under which it was performed. After all, they’re installers, not record keepers. Yet when a question arises, all parties must be able to prove they did their job correctly.

FloorDocs makes that documentation about as easy as it could possibly be, and for less than the price of a cup of coffee per job. In today’s world the importance of having a quality, permanent record to reference is becoming increasingly important. The installer must be able to prove they did their job to manufacturer and industry standards, including moisture testing, validating site conditions, etc. The ability to easily and quickly record high quality information and retrieve it indefinitely is invaluable to the trade, and ultimately protects all of us in the process.

Tony Miraldi
Director of Technical Services
Somerset Hardwood Flooring

Protect yourself with FloorDocs & A Cell Phone!